Deck Repair:

Deck repairs can range from replacing loose screws to replacing support beams and much more. Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvement is able to bring new life to old decks, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space. All too often, when purchasing or preparing to sell a home, inspectors will report on needed deck repairs as they are often neglected. We can and will take care of all your home inspection issues.

Deck Resurfacing:

Resurfacing your deck can be a cost effective way of updating your deck without replacing it. Wood decks can be sanded and refinished with older, rotten boards being replaced. In cases where you have a sturdy frame for your deck, we can actually replace the decking, saving you time and money. We also deal with replacing failed composite decking products. If you have a claim with any company, give us a call and we will help walk you through the process.

Deck Design:

Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what you want your new deck to look like or just how big you really want it to be. There are many things to consider, from walking patterns to property boundaries to your budget. You can rest at ease knowing Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvements will help you through each phase of the design process.

Deck Surface:

Deciding on the surface for your new deck can prove to be a challenge as well. What is the most important thing? Low maintenance or low cost. Unfortunately the two do not go hand in hand. If you want to spend less now, you will probably spend more time and money in the future on maintenance or repairs. We will help educate you on the different decking products and their benefits.

Deck Rail:

Railing choices can depend on the type of decking you chose as well as the type of view you have. There are rails systems that are designed to provide you with an unobstructed view. Some products are low maintenance and others are low cost. We will help you decide which product goes best with your new deck or budget.

There are of course other factors to consider when building your deck. We will bring our expertise into your project so that your experience will be a great one. Your satisfaction is our priority at Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvements.