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Roofing: 3 Tab-Architectural-Designer Shingles

Alvin Ballard Roofing & Home Improvement is your number one choice for your roofing needs. Alvin Ballard Roofing is a GAF and Atlas Certified installer, providing industry-leading warranties for materials and labor.

Did you know:

  • Alvin Ballard Roofing is rated A+ by the BBB and has been in business for OVER 35 YEARS!
  • Talk about stability and trust… just ask your friends and neighbors. Chances are they know our quality and commitment to customer service!
  • Let’s not forget that we also go above and beyond with our installation practices. What sets us apart from our competition? Schedule an appointment with one of our roofing estimators today to find out.

Siding: Wood, Vinyl, & Hardie Board

Alvin Ballard can completely transform your home through the installation of premium, quality siding, soffit, fascia, trim and designer accents. We also install vinyl siding, shakes, custom-formed aluminum trim and designer accents including shutters, gable vents, window and door surrounds, as well as decorative moldings.

Alvin Ballard also offers several styles and sizes, and a broad spectrum of colors to choose from.

Replacing the siding on your home is not a simple process. It can even involve the complete removal of the existing exterior covering. There are also specific handling and installation techniques and tools required to get the job done right and avoid problems in the future.  For all these reasons, a siding project is typically not a do-it-yourself project. It should be reserved for siding contractors that are experienced in siding installation and equipped with the proper tools.

With the above in mind, there are many key items that a qualified contractor should know and cover in their proposal to you. Here are a few of the key items that should be assessed before starting any new siding project:

  • Is the contractor trained and experienced in installing siding?
  • It’s important that the contractor install the siding per the manufacturer’s written specifications or you risk voiding the warranty on the product itself.
  • Will the existing exterior surface need to be removed?  Once removed, will the current exterior be disposed of properly by the contractor?
  • If found, how will rotted or damaged sheathing and/or framing members be addressed?
  • Will a moisture barrier be installed before the siding?  Will window and door flashings be installed or replaced?
  • How will existing light fixtures, power outlets, phone boxes and lines be addressed?  How will other key transition areas be addressed (decks, power and gas meters, etc.)?
  • What products will be used for inside and outside corners or will they be replaced at all?
Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters & Downspouts

We offer gutters in a variety of colors. There’s simply no job too big or too small for our qualified team to handle!


Many homeowners wonder if they actually need gutters for their home. The short answer to that question is ‘yes’. The number one reason for having a gutter system is to direct rainwater away from the home to protect the foundation. Excess water that seeps into the ground can do a number of things to your home. Cracked foundations, due to excess water absorption, are a common occurrence, as well as the growth of mold and mildew due to the added moisture.

By having a gutter system in place, you can help avoid much larger issues, which could otherwise become a big and costly home repair project.

Types of Gutters

There are several different types of gutters and they range in size and material. Most gutters are stamped from aluminum and are painted to match the home. The size that meets most home needs is a 5-inch gutter, but for some homes, with a large surface area, a 6-inch gutter is recommended. At Alvin Ballard, we offer both sizes and can help you determine which size would be better suited for your home.

Trust the Professionals

Having your gutters installed by professionals is also something that you should take seriously. If the system is not installed properly, they can actually cause more damage than having no gutters at all! Leave the installation process to well-trained professionals to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

We at Alvin Ballard can handle any size job, including custom jobs. To find out more about getting a gutter system installed on your home, contact us today!

Soffit / Fascia

Soffit / Fascia

We offer custom-built solutions for wood, vinyl and aluminum fascia and soffit, including soffit ventilation. There is a wide range of colors to choose from so we can best match your existing colors or provide that contrast you’ve always wanted.

The Fascia and Soffit are components of your roof system that often get overlooked but are actually very important for maintaining a high level of protection for your home. You can get new roof shingles installed, but if the fascia and soffit are in a state of deterioration you won’t be getting as much protection from the weather as you had hoped. At Alvin Ballard, we offer custom-built solutions for wood, vinyl and aluminum fascia and soffit.

What is Fascia and Soffit?

The fascia is the board that hangs vertically from the edge of the roof and is met underneath by the soffit. While the fascia serves as a means to protect the interior of your home from moisture and the sun’s rays, soffit serves as a method of ventilation to keep your attic dry in the winter and cooler in the summer. Both the soffit and the fascia are crucial for keeping your home weather resistant.

Different Materials for Fascia and Soffit

There are several different types of materials that can be used for the fascia and the soffit. Wood, vinyl and aluminum are materials that are currently available. Typically, wood is found in older homes and many people now choose vinyl because it is economical, water resistant and does not rot or require painting. Vinyl can also help generate energy savings for your home, since it regulates temperature so well. As experts at Alvin Ballard, we understand the benefits and downfalls of each material and can assist you in choosing the right one for your home.

Add Value to Your Home

Upgrading the fascia and soffit is a chance for you to add value to your home. Many homeowners choose to take advantage of experimenting with different board widths and styles to add aesthetic appeal to their home. A unique style can often add value to your home, especially if it is a quality job. Alvin Ballard also offers custom paint jobs for those who have uniquely colored homes.

Contact Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvement today to learn more about the current condition of your fascia and soffit. Let’s make sure your home is protected!

Restorations & Painting

Interior / Exterior Restoration & Painting

Interior damaged from a leaky roof? We’re here to help! We offer a variety of different interior construction and painting services to ensure your home is restored to its previous condition or better.

Here at Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvements we offer services such as:

  • drywall repair and installations
  • interior and exterior painting and repair
  • attic and wall insulation installation
  • window replacement
  • door replacement (including new french doors)
  • and more!

There are a number of reasons why you may be interested in interior home restoration. If you have experienced internal weather damage, are selling your home or just want a consistent look and feel throughout your home, Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvements can help.

Interior Restoration Reduces Time on the Market

If you’re selling your home, interior home repair can make a great difference in the amount of time your home is on the market. Adding things to your home like new paint or special accents and trim can greatly enhance the overall appeal and help you sell faster! Making sure that each room in the house follows a consistent color theme is also crucial.

Giving Your Home a Facelift

About every 10 years, many homeowners like to restore the interior and/or exterior of their homes. Did you know that an interior or exterior restoration can make it feel like you’re in a completely different home? Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvements offer a wide range of services when it comes to interior and exterior restoration. From roofing to decking and fencing to screen replacements, you can count on Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvements.

Don’t Wait!

Additionally, some families wait until their home is in a state of disrepair before getting started with a restoration project. Starting restoration before any damages get out of hand will keep your money from going out of the window. This is especially a concern during the winter when insulation and window sealants may not be at their best. The best way to keep money in your pocket and the value of your home high is to stay on top of repairs and restorations.

Call us today and we can discuss how we can meet your interior or exterior restoration needs.


Exterior / Interior Construction Needs

Let our master carpenter, Alan Borger, help you design and build that extra space you’ve always wanted.

Alan can also help you with all interior drywall repair, interior and exterior paint, gutters, siding (wood, vinyl, or Hardie Board), soffit, and fascia repair.

Decks & Patios

Decks & Patios

Deck Repair:

Deck repairs can range from replacing loose screws to replacing support beams and much more. Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvement is able to bring new life to old decks, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space. All too often, when purchasing or preparing to sell a home, inspectors will report on needed deck repairs as they are often neglected. We can and will take care of all your home inspection issues.

Deck Resurfacing:

Resurfacing your deck can be a cost effective way of updating your deck without replacing it. Wood decks can be sanded and refinished with older, rotten boards being replaced. In cases where you have a sturdy frame for your deck, we can actually replace the decking, saving you time and money. We also deal with replacing failed composite decking products. If you have a claim with any company, give us a call and we will help walk you through the process.

Deck Design:

Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what you want your new deck to look like or just how big you really want it to be. There are many things to consider, from walking patterns to property boundaries to your budget. You can rest at ease knowing Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvements will help you through each phase of the design process.

Deck Surface:

Deciding on the surface for your new deck can prove to be a challenge as well. What is the most important thing? Low maintenance or low cost. Unfortunately the two do not go hand in hand. If you want to spend less now, you will probably spend more time and money in the future on maintenance or repairs. We will help educate you on the different decking products and their benefits.

Deck Rail:

Railing choices can depend on the type of decking you chose as well as the type of view you have. There are rails systems that are designed to provide you with an unobstructed view. Some products are low maintenance and others are low cost. We will help you decide which product goes best with your new deck or budget.

There are of course other factors to consider when building your deck. We will bring our expertise into your project so that your experience will be a great one. Your satisfaction is our priority at Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvements.

  • "Alvin Ballard Roofing just finished our roof for us and we want to say that they are the hardest working crew we have ever seen. They took care not to damage our flower beds and cleaned up everything as they went along. The roof looks great, they worked with the insurance company, and their estimate was even less than the insurance paid!  If you need a roof call them, you won't regret it!"

    Mr. and Mrs. Goodeau
  • "I want to thank Butch and Rod for all of the effort they put into getting me my new roof. I had a limited budget, but I knew I needed a new roof.  Butch inspected my roof, contacted my insurance company and helped me file a claim. I got my new roof with zero money out of pocket.  They are so professional! They told me when they would show up, what to expect and were done in one day. The roof looks great and I am so happy for calling Alvin Ballard Roofing....you should too!"

    Ms. G. Ballard (no relation)
  • You guys were very professional. You gave me a 35-year architectural shingle for a great price!  It looks great and you did everything you said you would do. Thanks again!

    D J Denham Springs, La
  • They finished my roof a couple of days ago. Rod Roddy was very professional and they did a good job. I'm a satisfied customer.

    J Bordelon
  •   I am very pleased to have had my house re-roofed by Alvin Ballard Roofing & Home Improvement. The job was done professionally, quickly and without any problems. Thanks guys....  PS  congrats to the workers!    

  • Alvin did a roof for me over 20 years ago and it was just time for a new one. You guys came out and gave me an estimate and I signed up!  Man your guys are fast and they are good.  Great job Alvin....see you in 20 years!

    F G , Baton Rouge
  • Rod was one of 3 roofers that came out and gave us an estimate for some leaks that we had on my mom's roof.  He was the only one who recommended that we have our insurance company look at it because of some visible HAIL damage. The adjuster came out and approved a portion of the roof for hail and with that we were able to have the whole roof replaced for just a little more than the repair would have cost!  Their crew is so professional...they work really hard and don't ever ask for anything.  They just work and clean as they go and it looks so great.  Her neighbors have given her compliments!

    R. Acardo
  •   I live in Central. I need a new roof and was looking on the internet and in the phone book . I talked to several  different companies and met with them.  They all talked about re-roofing the house and what it would cost... but the one thing I was looking for them to tell me never happened. So...   I called Alvin Ballard Roofing, LLC  and Craig Mixon came out  on a Saturday morning and gave me an estimate which was just below what my insurance had quoted.  I was pleased with that. Craig also recommended the shingles that I needed ,since I has some trees around the house. I was very pleased with the selection he has made. It really looks good on the house.  . . Craig told me that during the tear off they would check for damage plywood and change it out .. that sealed the deal for me. The roofing crew that came out.. well I can’t say enough about them. They did a fantastic job,  real courteous. They did an excellent job. I have has some good comments on the roof. and would recommend Alvin Ballard Roofing to anyone. They are great and they think of the homeowner.

  • Alvin Ballard Roofing & Home Improvement came out to give me an estimate for a roof repair.  They mentioned that my roof had hail damage and I told them that an adjuster had denied a claim two years ago.  They suggested that I call my insurance company again, based on what they saw. Rod met the adjuster out here and within an hour, the adjuster agreed that the roof had damage and needed replacement.  Alvin Ballard Roofing turned a major repair expense for me into a brand new roof for my home!!!  I would recommend them to anyone and have already!

    R. Aucoin
  • I had my roof recently replaced by Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvement. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Gregg Smith, who explained the procedure, and the project went as smooth as he said it would.  I was very impressed by the time it took to complete the job. They did a magnificent job with the cleanup and the finished project looks absolutely amazing. I am very pleased with my new roof and highly recommend the services of Alvin Ballard Roofing and Home Improvement to anyone needing a roof replacement.

    G. Moore

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